The Motor Vessel Patience

The right boat for the adventure of a lifetime!

The MV Patience is a 1974 Willard 40 Flybridge Sedan - Hull #1 of the Willard 40s, and one of the few widebodies!

The Patience is seaworthy, efficient, and comfortable. Her full-displacement hull and 8,000 lbs of ballast provide room for lots of water and fuel (600 gallons for a 2300 mile range), and an easy ride on the few days of rough weather you may encounter in the PNW, though you might have to tack a bit to keep the seas off the beam. The Willard 30 has been to Bermuda and back; the Willard 36 has been to Hawaii and back, and the Willard 40 is considered a 'go anywhere you want' boat. Why run from marina to marina like a frightened mouse when you can safely voyage with water for weeks and fuel for months?

We captained her from her covered berth in La Conner, WA, to Glacier Bay National Park and back as part of a 90-day, 3,100-mile voyage in 2015. We made the most of the boat in 2017 too, spending five months aboard and taking her to GBNP again, and Sitka too, and back to La Conner - 3,600 miles and 850 gallons of diesel (we slowed down a bit, since we had five months), including diesel heater and generator usage. Fuel burn stats on 'the boat' page. In 2017, we filled up once in Anacortes and once in Sitka - nice not to worry about fuel. You get a commercial discount buying more than 400 gallons, too. Click below to see where we went, with lots of photos and some video.

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Patience has rewired electrical and battery management panels, a new 1500W inverter, 1/3 of her hull deblistered, and a lot of other maintenance (alternator, diesel heater, davit winch, black water pump, genset, and battery banks all reconditioned or replaced in 2017, for example) done for her trips to AK in 2015 and 2017.

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