Pike Place Market

Tomegun gets his shop on! Got fish?

Rejected from Portage Bay

Sad and rejected from Portage Bay because they can't manage their tables or reservations we head…

Arrival at breakfast or not!

The happy face as I arrived at Portage Bay dreaming of crab and eggs Benedict and…


View from Space Needle of our hotel.

Space needle restaurant

Look sun in Seattle. See I knew the locals were telling me wrong. How can it…

EMPM- monsters

Tom and I make a shadow monster movie! Scary part is the hairy hands!


Oculus rift, virtual reality of king if thrones and the elevator up The Wall! So cool.…

View from hotel

My wonderful hubby found a room at the Hyatt with a view!

EMPM- scream booth

I entered the scream booth and released all the pent up stuff from work! Man I…

EMPM – science fiction

Tom is attached by virtual birds! I was moving around the birds!