Fearless Adoption Agency

Introducing Fearless Gnomes & Crochet Characters:

When I was young, I read about Gnomes, these mythical creatures that live to serve, bring luck, and are brave warriors for good deeds. I enjoyed thinking about how they were guardians of Treasures and other precious things. They were often naughty but very creative and friendly, and always willing to lend a hand and never asked for rewards for their service to others. 

Gnomes come in all shapes and sizes and have an uncanny ability to make people smile. Fearless Gnomes are uniquely individual and one of a kind made for you in mind. Fearless Gnomes are created from things that people discard so their birth keeps unwanted materials out of landfills. Nothing goes unused, not even the strangest bauble or smallest dangle. Gnomes are perfectly imperfect just like humans. I hope this Gnome will bring you luck and make you smile in times of need and always remind you of the golden thread that leads us all to our true humanity because at the end of this thread are other humans that care and that is the real treasure that the Gnomes protect.

Your Gnome has a very unique story, just like you. That story is written and attached to this certificate. The adoption donation of this Fearless Gnome will help to cover the burdens that face a human dealing with cancer.

Love and all the very best bright and shiny wishes from our Gnome Family!