Snowy Crystal Breeze

Snowy Crystal Breeze- a name that truly needs no explanation. Snowy has an extraordinarily strong connection with the other elements and though she can appear when it is icy cold, one should not judge a book by the cover. She is calm, graceful, and generous and exactly the friend that would welcome you to discuss anything. She likes bobbles and silvery ornaments and always dresses for the occasion. She spends lots of time outdoors, with her Gnome friends making snow creatures. She loves donuts and hot chocolate. She loves to read but wishes that more stories included the wonder and beauty of winter. Maybe she’ll write one someday, I bet she will, and it will start with…. "It was a cold and snowy day. The trees were covered in frosty crystals and the entire forest was lit up, and it shined back at her as if she was looking at a million tiny diamonds."

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