Anniversary Halibut!

58” and the chart says probably weighed 97lbs. We don’t have a fish scale that large.…

Andrew visits the El Cap Cave

The Deepest cave in Alaska!

Airplane Exterior Cameras

Do I not fly enough? Has this been a thing for a while? My seat back…

Test Africa Photo Gallery

Test Africa Post

This is a test post. The picture is most definitely not from Africa.

Fortune Cookies!

A big box of these fell into my cart at Costco, and I’ve been eating them…

Burger Queen!

I try to make this stop every time I’m in Ketchikan

Two Photos from this summer

Princess Louisa Channel

The weather is always like this in the PNW, right?

Trip Summary So Far (4/22, Lagoon Cove)

We finally got off the dock on the 13th, if only to Anacortes, where some nitwit…