Excavator Maintenance

One of the Final Drive motors went out, and it took me a while to get…

China 2012

The armadillo B&B. wait is that a sailboat?

Who needs a hotel? We chilled on a 50 foot sailboat for thanksgiving. Thanks captain Mike!

Andrew & Owen Whale Watching, Favorite Channel, Juneau

Last Look from 5709

Here’s a last shot from the rooftop deck at 5709 Val Verde, the morning we sold…

Ants as a Seasoning

Recommended Books

Day 17 overall, Day 10 afloat: Pierre’s Echo Bay Marina to Port McNeil (Monday)

Blog Reader come in this is vessel Domino. Inching our way to Port McNeil and stealing…

OMG the view- boating from Shear Water to Klemtu

More Eagles A photo of the passage into Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound. Breath taking!

Day 12 overall, Day 5 Afloat: Pender Harbour- Garden Bay Pub to Prideaux Haven/Desolation Sound (Wednesday)

Ropes off at 7:15 this morning and we will once again head out before the rest…

Day 11 overall, Day 4 Afloat: Silva Bay to Pender Harbour- Garden Bay Pub, Marina and Hotel (Tuesday)

Today will be our next big challenge as we will cross out into open water and…