Excavator Maintenance

One of the Final Drive motors went out, and it took me a while to get…

China 2012

The armadillo B&B. wait is that a sailboat?

Who needs a hotel? We chilled on a 50 foot sailboat for thanksgiving. Thanks captain Mike!

Andrew Goes to Church

I’m Ordained! If you don’t know what this is about, you are in for a treat…

Dinner with Dad and Susie

Glad to see y’all!

Thanksgiving @ the Lake

Fishing with Tom

New Septic System

Here are some pictures from the septic install, which I did with help and guidance from…

Dinner with Dee

So glad to get to see her during the holidays! As always, dinner was really, really…

Condo Blueprint

Here’s a detail from the blueprints to my Mom’s condo in Buffalo. A stair tread was…

Sunset @ Tom’s

A1 subcommittees

The LRA site uses WordPress to organize the pages, and WordPress has a post-by-email feature that…

Walleye fishing with Tom on Lake Erie

They’re delicious!