Day 5: Leaving Venice

We rode the Vaporetto one last time and got off at the Piazzale Roma.  We pulled our bags up the stairs and started searching for the Hertz store front.  You would think that those yellow letters would stand out and they do if you know where to look.  Found the store after going around the round about. All the way around and then back again!  I signed the papers and then spent about 15 minutes explaining to the woman behind the counter that I was born in Ravenna Ohio not Ravenna Italy. She kept asking for an Italian passport.  I finally figured out that since I wrote down my birthplace ( which she asked for- Ravenna Ohio) that she thought it as Ravenna Italy which is funny when you think about the fact that I really can not speak Italian.  I showed her a google map and then she got it. 

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go.  Apparently only one way out of Venice.  Let us see if we can find that on one try.  I have the keys to a cute little Fiat.  I am a little nervous but come on how bad could it be, our maps online aren’t working yet and we are still trying to decide exactly where we are going but I am sure it will all work out?  I will let you know later today how that story went.  Rebekah is ready to navigate sort of……  Dolomites here we come, we hope! Are those signs in Italian. Oh crap.

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