Day 4: Venice. (Rest day)

Well….. We were supposed to leave Venice today but lack of sleep finally caught up with me and Rebekah had a tummy ache.  So we slept late and then got cleaned up and took a casual walk.  Our first stop of the day was do course.. you guessed it… Gelato!  Pictured below is the evidence that I branched out and selected peach and strawberry.  My new words for today:  Piccola tazza? no grazie vorrei una tazza grande con due palline per favore.  ( A small cup?  No thank you, I would like a large cup with two scoops please). Small cup indeed!  

More walking and then off to dinner.  We both made the clean plate club tonight.  Man we love pasta. Those little bites left on Rebekah’s plate are little squares of prosciutto. She tried it all but was that keen on the the chunks.  Not bad for a kid that didn’t eat meat much at all as a kid!

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