Day 6: Wednesday -Waking up in the Dolomites.

We are in the mountains this morning.  It was dark when we arrived and we finally stopped after we made a wrong turn down a gravel and dirt road unknowingly headed for Gone?  It wasn’t long before we realized that this was on the way to a town already but the road was a very narrow road on a cliff with no side guards. I am going to let you imagine what turning around and going back was like.  So we turned around and recilbrated and headed north to eventually go south.  When we arrived at the next little town we decided that given that this was the firs day we were driving we should call it a night and call home so that folks would not be worried.  
After a surprise, all included breakfast, at our $50 ero a person hotel, which we found accidentally, we head out on our next day of adventure.  Late night arrival in mountains of the Dolomites and a random stop made after a rather nerve racking wrong turn down a gravel and dirt road.  Looking that road up today it seems best we not dwell on that as not to worry everyone!  Yikes!  We were lucky enough to randomly select a very quaint hotel which I would recommend.  Very nice Italian women running it and she seemed to speak about 8 languages!  It was a bargain, clean, very cozy bed with that crisp just washed linen smell and a rather large bathroom with a Tub!  Wifi was only available in the downstairs sitting room but that was also well lit and comfy and road tripping chick and I were quite comfy. 
After breakfast we headed for lake Garda by way Autostrade.  Less than 3 hours later we had climbed back down through the mountains (magnificent drive) .  Next time it will be done In a camper or at the very least a convertible.  I can see Andrew and I spending many many months or perhaps years driving through Europe and camping.  The English and the German make it look quite wonderful!  
We were indeed passed at high speeds by very high performance cars. I was only called a dummkopf twice by a sports car driving German. Or perhaps he was Italian and thought I was German.  I was going fast enough.  Man are those roads windy!

Lake Garda is still in the lower mountain ranges and the lake was a stunning surprise.  We drive into town and randomly parked because we weren’t sure what the signs meant. In case you haven’t figured it out we decided early on to metaphorically fly by the seat of our pants ( after driving today that might be actually).  We will stick to this plan until we end up sleeping in our car and then perhaps we make reservations ahead but until then!

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