Seattle Underground tours

Worked all day today remotely but after picking Little Brother Tom at airport we headed into the city. It always makes me smile to see his yellow hair and big cheery smile. After a bear hug hug my 6 foot something lumber jack of a brother from the same mother, funny because I am barely 5'2", we pile into the car and head towards our first yummy meal together. A little rainy but armed with rain coats and smiles we head out into the night tone scene in Seattle. First stop Pioneer Square, the original and Old center of town. We act like tourists, because we are, and join a tour of the Seattle underground. First stop. The Thomas Crapper toilet. Just known as the Crapper! This is a box built 3 feet off the tunnel floor you climb up into it and do your business and the flush and the gravity carries it to the ground which is to say to the place you just climbed up from. Yuck!

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