Day 2-Venice

I was tempted today and I gave in with reckless abandon.   I have tossed aside sour cherry (Amarano) today for tiramisu and pistachio. Oh god please let there be gelato in heaven! I would prefer all flavors but I can narrow it down to 5 if pressed. For lunch? Pasta of course but we did finally figure out that gelato CAN actually be counted as a meal!  I know I have always wanted to eat dessert before the meal…….so we strike a blow for the kids of the world.  Dessert comes first!

My feet are a good indication that we have walked Many miles today.  I brought one of those step counters with me supplied by my kind and generous employer who sent it as a gentle reminder that I am overweight.  They didn’t send me one, they sent me four!  How does one interpret that?  Ok, so I joined in the whole “step for life campaign” only here here in Venice. Ever a faithful employee, I have been wearing it full stop.  Today, only two days into this trip and four weeks into the challenge the counter hit a high of 100,000 steps, I was suspicious and suddenly I got an “Out of order” message.  Now I would have preferred that the error message said something like “man babe can you walk” but no it says please call 1-800-slimmer.  And then an error code “Max”.  I have either won something or I am now officially healthier than my step counter and the company wants it back.   (Bet the Chinese didn’t really expect those fat Americans to really hit the ceiling.  I guess I showed them. One for the fatties!  Bring me gelato!

The venicians don’t seem to like the Chinese. Oh they are polite of course but they are quick to point out that any restaurant run by a Chinese is not Italian!  I guess they have a point but the Chinese don’t seem to be serving anything but Italian!  In fact, and I am not complaining, I don’t think I have seen anything but Italian food.  Even the bars serve it or some version of it.  Seems like the Italians would want Chinese food or BBQ ever now and again.  Oh wait I think I figured out that most Italians don’t live in Venice.  They appear to live off this island away from the turistas.

We think it is Saturday but neither of us was actually sure!  I think this must be a sign that I have left behind my life sucking employment for a while.  Rebekah appears to have let go of all her worries about employment, home and how to fill this gap year before grad school.  She said she set aside “all that stuff” and made a gap year list and was determined to mark everything off that list.  She said she was not going to have regrets.  Amazing how inspiring I found those words.   She also said she was not a broke student anymore,  she was now just broke! Good thing she brought along her fully employed aunt TT.

Today we visited:
-ca’ rezzonico
– Peggy Guggenheim
-Saint Maria of salute basilica (125 statues on outside of building)
-Museo correr
-San zaccaria church
-Bridge of Sighs
-plazzo Ducalle (Doge’s palace)
-St Marc’s basilica
-Torre dell’ Lrologio (clock tower)

I think I burned off the bottom of my shoes today. Although Rebekah did tell me that she wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of sketchers, which just so happens I was wearing.   Old lady shoes, OMG it is official, I am old and wearing comfortable shoes. 

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