Day 3- still Venice

If sleeping was an Olympic event I would already be disqualified and this week I am really sucking at it!  Strange because I can normally crash after a long week and sleep for days… I think I have only had about 17 hours of sleep in 3 full nights.  Perhaps it is all the excitement in Venice or perhaps it is hanging out with a 20 something.  I think I wore her out today!  Sono stanco ( I am tired) and that is no kidding but I feel great.

Today we took the purple route or the 4.1 and 4.2 Vaporetta to the island of Murano famous for what?  Of course making Murano glass.  Sunday may not have been the best time to go because the shop keepers seemed tired or perhaps just less approachable then those in Venice proper.   We watched a short glass blowing demonstration and then we were ushered to the door. It is always interesting to watch people at their art but even the glass blower seemed bored.  How many times can make the same vase?  I am guessing many many times before you get it right.  We enjoyed our day there and of course we found a gelato shop for treats.  It rained for a few minutes and it appears I have found Rebekah’s achille’s hill, she hates to get caught in the rain!  I tried to tell her that there were songs about how romantic that is but she just shook her head.  She doesn’t want to be a bad country western song or worse an 80s hit!  Ouch!  I informed her that “Escape” or the PiƱa colada song was released in 1979 and Jimmy Buffet is hardly country western!

The boat ride to Murano took about 40 minutes from our entry point which was San Angelo. The ride over was almost as interesting as  Murano itself.  Andrew will be pleased to know that there are indeed boats for sale in Italy and Carol and Michael will be interested to know that there are slips and apartments that come together and those are just a little further out but seemed quite lovely and quiet locations.  I would love to be here once for the fall and winter to see Acqua Alta.  it seems to happen about every 4ish years and it appears that folks wear boots, walk on elevated sidewalks and get on with it!  And of course if we were here on the boat then who cares!  

Off to try and nap.  Sleep would be good.  

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