9 EASY steps to Monterosso Al Mare

Today we drive from the northern part of Lake Garda to the world famous Cinque Terre. So mountain lake to the sea side. Most if the drive was back on the Autostrada but once we exited we wound our ways through the cliff sides through tiny village after tiny village. We selected Monterrosso, the first of 5 villages included in the Cinque Terre area. We figured if we want to see them all we board the train and go to each one. Now getting to these villages is a bit if a trick.

Step 1: Drive as far down towards the village as you dare only to realize that you went too far and now have to turn around because you are not local and have no permit.

Step 2: Turn around and find an empty spot in one of several rather unorganized designated parking lots.

Step 3: Park and dump unnecessaries out of your luggage to lighten the load because if you have to walk back where you just came from it is going to be a long haul!

Step 4: Drag you "lighter?" bag (crap I need to learn to pack) down a hill to a traffic cop.

Step 5: Begin feeling a little anxious when you beg to use the wifi at the little bar (only building in site) to search for a room. Bar staff smile and say "No reservations? Bad for you, high season! "

Step 6: Pay 2 euro for cab ride the 10 miles down the switch backs right to the beach!

Step 7: Drag your bag to one, two hotels and whalaaaaa rooms available.

Step 8: Haggle a little over one bed or two and then end up with a lovely two bed room with balcony! Beautiful peaceful little garden.

Step 9: Gelato!!!!!!! And a little pray to give thanks that we didn't have to drag that damn bag anywhere else today!

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  1. I tried to get you to pack less. Next time you will take my advice!! You took a beautiful picture of my baby girl. Although as Her Godmother, she is yours too!

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