We are off!

Whoa, are we tired. Two days of learning with the boat owner and a captain we hired to instruct us in boat systems and handling. So much to learn! We’ve fueled up (260 gallons for $850), pumped out, calibrated the autopilot, raised and lowered the mast, watered the batteries, tested the AC and DC systems, verified sufficient spares of impellers and filters, practiced docking and undocking, learned about the fresh, gray, and black water systems on the boat, gotten the cat calmed down (I think she’s beginning to like the boat, etc etc.

We’ve gone off shore power for the night to see how the batteries do and we will be watching the DC systems readout before we get too far away from the dock.

This is after four ten-hour driving days and a day moving 12 big crates of stuff onto the boat. Tomorrow we shop for new flares, emergency wax leak repair, rescue tape, an extra gas can for the dinghy, etc. and investigate the alternator and the inverter with a multimeter to see where the fault lies. We’re excited to be learning so much new. We’ll try to stay in better touch.

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