Day 21 overall, Day 14 afloat, Codville Lagoon to Ocean Falls

Blog Reader, Blog Reader, Blog Reader, this is Domino, with Andrew on the radio and Tammy at the Helm. It’s another beautiful day on the water. The wind is calm and raises barely a ripple in peaceful Codville Lagoon. I’m dried out from the rainy walk in the woods yesterday. These northern forests contain so many species of plant and animal; they’re very satisfying to walk in, even when it’s raining. Today, the sky is sunny and clear. It is a spectacular day for cruising.

We awoke at 7:45 and Tammy pulled her crab pot to find two crabs in it! The group got underway about 10AM, and Tammy took advantage of the calm waters to make crab & spinach omelets. We passed through a school of hundreds of playful Dahl porpoises in Fisher Channel – I saw several hurtling through the air in order to reach the boat first and play in the bow wave. Our running lights are on and our instruments are all showing normal readings.

It didn’t take long (about 150 minutes with a following tide) to reach our destination for today – Ocean Falls. Ocean Falls was once a thriving mill town with two mid-rise hotels, enjoying free hydropower from the dam that holds back Link Lake. Now, the dam remains but the mill and most of the people are gone. The government provides subsidized ferry service and maintains the dam, which provides power to two nearby towns, and the small boat harbor. Tourists support one gift shop, one quasi-museum, and one restaurant/laundry/inn facility while poking through the remains of the town, visiting the dam, and sport fishing. We met Herb the harbormaster, whose wife owns the gift shop (Tammy bought a cute little handmade fleece hat).

We made flatbread pizzas to bring to the group potluck, which was held in “The Shack,” a floating building that also contains the marina office and two public-use computers. Tammy talked her way onto a 47’ Nordhavn, Segue II, owned by a man who built Costco stores. How does she do it! She said it’s like the ballroom of boats; I think that means luxurious. We also toured the “Nightfall,” a steel trawler designed by Bill Garden, which had clean lines inside and out. Jim and Peg Jeffries were familiar with our boat because they knew the Steeg family. Tammy dropped her crab trap near the mill docks and by 8PM she was playing liars dice on Sam’s boat

Domino signing off for the night. See you tomorrow on VHF channel 68.

  • Left Dock/Weighed anchor: Anchor pulled at 10:00 AM
  • Cruise Log: 22 Nautical Miles
  • Weather Conditions: Windy, intermittent clouds and slight chance of rain
  • Navigational Obstacles: Dolphins
  • Wildlife Sighting: Busy boaters!
  • Arrived Dock/Dropped anchor: 12:30PM
  • Slip for the night: $35 slip with power – government-funded dock, nearly free hydropower from old dam.
  • Time today Helm for TEA: .5 hrs
  • Time today Helm for ACA: 2 hrs
  • Lessons learned: Don’t slow down while passing dolphins – they have more fun when the boat is going faster!
  • Fun Meals underway: Crab & Shrimp Omlettes

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