Day 22 overall, Day 15 afloat, Ocean Falls to Shearwater

Blog Reader, Blog Reader, Blog Reader, this is Domino, with Tammy on the radio and Andrew at the helm. I know I have said it before but it is another beautiful day and we are well on the way to Alaska. The wind and water are calm.

We awoke at 7:00AM and Tammy pulled her crab pot expecting it to be full of crabs but was empty handed when she arrived back to the dock. I walked out on the dock and found her scratching her head with an open trap and a completely empty bait box! You see last night when we were climbing into the Dinghy we saw the cutest harbor seal playing around the Dinghy. It kept poking an eye over the surface of the water and sort of winking at us and then going back under. We thought, oh how cute is that, little did we know! The little bugger followed us out to the spot that we planned to drop the pot and there he was again! Coming up just enough to see us and then dropping back down under the surface. We laughed and dropped the pot and then headed back to the boat. We DID NOT see him after we got back to the boat but figured he got bored with us and went someplace else to play. Tammy asked me, “Could that little harbor seal have actually baited us! Could he have gone down to that trap and broken into the cage and taken the bait?” Right about that time Herb the harbor master came by and Tammy showed him the cage and Herb laughed and said that we had been tricked by the resident thief. He said that this one is the smartest of the bunch and continues to survive the orcas that come into the bay in Ocean Falls to feed. So we have now been outsmarted by a Harbor seal! We laughed and agreed that it was funny and if he can survive the orcas then well he deserves to have the bait in my trap!

It is still early morning and we have already packed in a lot of activity. I am loving every minute of it! It has been amazing to learn about another side of my wife. I have always known that she was a country girl at heart even though she claims have always wanted to be in the city as a girl. I am thrilled to be watching how truly happy she is boating, trapping and fishing. Her father would be proud of how capable she is any setting and how happy she is using these handed down skills in a rugged landscape like Canada and Alaska!

Andrew and the Domino standing by on channel 68…

Tammy signing in

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