Day 23 overall, Day 16 afloat, Shearwater to Bottle Neck Inlet (Sunday 6-14-15)

Blog Reader, Blog Reader, Blog Reader, this is Tammy, trying to catch up on photos.

I am so excited that Dan and I have convinced Andrew to order me a Scotty Pot puller. I hate to keep asking Dan to pull my 300 feet of rope every time I drop a shrimp pot. I am hard core but not that hard core! The order will arrive in Ketchikan at the Frontier Printing and Copy Works that accepts packages for a $1. You just go in and pick them up when you arrive in Ketchikan. YEHH!!!! I can’t wait a new toy!

Photo 1: Yacht Shot had one of our cameras for the day so they were kind enough to take a photo of the Domino under way as they past us because they are so speedy!

Photo 2: Since it rained and ended our hiking and crabbing for a few hours, we visited the Yacht shot to pick up the camera and share some ice cream! The rainbows after the rain was a huge bonus.

Photo 3: Photo taken from the Dinghy in Bottle Neck inlet at ~ 9:30 PM. It seems like it is still daylight but it is actually night!


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