Pictures and Essay-4-A lovely hike in Ocean Falls, a hydro-powered ghost town

In the 70s Ocean Falls was actually a resort city, powered by a large hyrdro-electric generating station which was powered by the beautiful water falls that define Ocean falls.  The power plant employed many people but the most interesting fact is that this tiny town made so much money that they built an indoor olympic size swimming pool and from 1948-1974 Ocean falls swimmer tooks 57 international swimming metals.

The marina welcomed commercial and leisure fishing, cruise ships and international vacationers and trade shows.  Once the commercial hydro power operations moved away the town began to die. Sadly, the buildings are now falling to ruin.  The locals moved farther down the channel or have moved away entirely.  Ocean Falls is now a ghost town but is surrounded by lovely wildflowers and views from every corner. Eventually every trace of humans besides the dam will melt away and be forgotten and in fact if the Canadian government does not continue to maintain and monitor the dam it may eventually fail and Link Lake that sits above the town will wash away what remains. It would be a shame for Ocean Falls to be no more…..

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