Giraffey Giraffe

Introducing Giraffey Giraffe. He is easily loved and is a very old soul. He knows the importance of being true to himself and is kind to everyone. He has a very high level view (obviously because he is so tall) and can see things about the world that other animals don’t see.

He is tall, polite and graceful and he loves to dance. He is a dancing machine…… He sports his favorite ballet slippers but takes those off when he wants to wear his tennis shoes. He also likes bare hoof. He rocks any foot wear and his are removable and changeable. He stays up on the fashion trends. He currently has a couple of slits in his eyebrows because that is hot right now.

He is pretty much a family boy. He loves being with his peeps and they love him. He is just a good boy all around.

He will do wonderful things some day. Just watch him go! This Giraffe is heading to its new owner tomorrow. The boy does not suspect but I hope he will love it.

Giraffey take care of your new boy and we will be watching you dance your little hearts out. Dance on! You are going to love New York City!

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