Short stop in Klemtu by special request (6-14-15)

Pictures: Klemtu at swindle island, Harbor seal on way into Klemtu, stump that looked like Big foot.Ferry sign and chairs to watch for BIG Foot.

Blog Reader, Blog Reader, Blog Reader, this is a special post going out to John Baumann and the entire BP crew. As so many of us are BIG Foot fans I made a special point to slow down near Klemtu to see if we would have a sighting.

Klemtu is on the west side of Finlayson Channel. It is between Hartley Bay and Bella Bella. Klemtu, known as the home of Big Foot has also benefited in the last 13 years by growth and fish processing plant construction. It is not unusual to see cruise ships in the Klemtu channel and we certainly saw cruise ships and ferry boats. Klemtu is actually located on Swindle island (must be a story there).

Klemtu is a Kitasoo village – the Kitasoo is one of the first peoples. British Columbia refers to the first peoples nations as bands not tribes as in the US. The Ferry Dock sign is in Kitasoo and we think it says welcome to Klemtu but we are not entirely sure.

Attached are pictures around Klemtu;

  • A Harbor Seal greeting us on the way through
  • A stump that could quite possibly be Big Foot in disquise- look closely!
  • We noticed that there are chairs on many parts of the shore. Perhaps those chairs are for Big Foot and his family to watch the crazy tourists go by!
  • The Ferry Dock sign

We have placed Klemtu on our list for a stop on the way back from Alaska. We will conduct a much closer search for Big Foot. I am certain that there is a tour onshore to go in search of Big Foot and who knows we might just see him and his family?

This is Andrew on vessel Domino standing by on VHF channel 68.

  • Wildlife Sighting: Questionable Big Foot sighting? You judge!
  • Lessons learned: Learned about first people and the band of Kitasoo.

This posts is dedicated to John Baumann in honor of his request to go in search of Big Foot. John—I fear we have failed you unless you look at the photo and determine that the stump is indeed Big Foot in disguise. I understand that he can be very crafty and some say that he has some magical powers!

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