A1 subcommittees

The LRA site uses WordPress to organize the pages, and WordPress has a post-by-email feature that can be enabled with a single click. I suggested to Alan in September that he enable it; but I’m not sure if he’s done so.

Once enabled, pages on the website – including photos and attached content like PDFs – can be created by anyone who knows the ‘secret’ email address. There’s optional moderation, whereby an editor-type can ‘approve’ a post before it’s visible to all, if the LRA deems that necessary.

This would make it a lot easier for committee chairpeople to post things like minutes and white papers.

I’ve cc’d my website on this email, thereby creating a page (that’s why the “category vermont” is at the top). It’s obviously trivially easy. You can see it here one minute after I send this email:



From: Comcast <hwinger@comcast.net>
Sent: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 10:48 AM
To: Ann Loughran <avgl@optonline.net>
Cc: Andrew Adams <both@andrewadams.com>; Cecile Baker <Cecile.Baker@tdsecurities.com>; Michael Bragg <michaelggarb@optimum.net>; Bob Brody <bobbrody628@gmail.com>; Pam Farr <paf0730@aol.com>; Chessia Kelley <chessiakelley@gmail.com>; Scott Kurtzman <kurtzmanfamily@cox.net>; John Widness <john-widness@uiowa.edu>; Robert Bois <bbois131@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: A1 subcommittees


Ann and Bob,

Hoping that all enjoyed their Thanksgiving holidays.

Apparently, before our subcommittee was able to meet or prepare the A1 factual summary for the A1 committee and, ultimately, LRA members to consider, a document was posted on the LRA website that indicates that it serves this purpose, both to outsiders who access the LRA website or LRA members.

Can this document, please, be removed?

If we are to honor the process that has been put in place for the consideration of the A1 initiative, public postings of materials on this subject should be removed from the LRA website. Authors can choose to circulate material that they prepare on their own via non-LRA email lists or on personal facebook or other social media locations. Our committee should approve the document(s) that get posted on the LRA website on this subject.

Also, my experience as an LRA member for the last 7 years leads me to conclude that access to post material on the LRA website is not a transparent process. In the past, Joe and I have been instructed about limits to what can be posted and who can post. Yet others seem to have freer access to posting.

Given the new purposes for which the LRA website is apparently being used, the rules for posting should be circulated again, and applied evenly to all who seek to post.

Again, I ask that material discussing the A-1 initiative be removed from the LRA website unless and until approved by our A-1 committee. Thank you.

Holly Winger Fortner


On Nov 23, 2021, at 1:23 PM, Ann Loughran <avgl> wrote:

Following up on our goal as we ended last week’s meeting, the final subcommittees are as follows:

Survey Background Info: Jack (coordinator), Holly and Michael

Survey Questions: Chessia (coordinator), Cecile, Andrew, Bob and Ann

Hopefully the groups can pick up from where we left off last Monday to provide a product that gets us close to our finish line. Please circulate by Jan 17th to Committee members in preparation for next Zoom cal on Jan. 24th.

Thanks in advance for supporting Jack and Chessia with your input.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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