Someone tried to steal our boat!

Break-in at Cap Sante Marina!

Someone (“Mark Edwin Sloane” of Bothell, WA, allegedly – he was arrested) boarded our boat with intent to steal it – while we were on it! We were watching TV below, dratted Starlink keeping us online all the time.

My wife chased him off, we called the police, and he was caught attempting to steal another boat. We asked for a free night’s moorage as our call resulted in the arrest, and since we were broken into with hundreds of dollars in damage to the marine canvas enclosure, and the harbormaster refused. Seemed the least he could do.

He said “if we offered free moorage to everyone who had an incident, everyone would have an incident.” I said “So you’re saying there are lots of break-ins”? “That’s not what I meant,” he said. Talked to local fisherman who lamented lack of security.

Won’t stay here again if we can possibly avoid it. Have had eight totally trouble-free years just around the corner at La Conner marina. Stay there instead!

On the plus side, we’re finally off the dock for AK and in Annette Inlet, BC.

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