Adira Breeze

Adira Breeze

This cutey is “Adira Breeze.” Adira means strong and noble and her last name is Breeze. She comes from a long line of Breezes that can almost take you anywhere in the world. Her fellow Breezes are all so different. Some are warm and inviting and some are chilly and icy, some smell delicious and sweet and some smell muddy. Have you ever met a Breeze? I would suggest that you have met many a Breeze. Perhaps the next time a warm Breeze blows into town you will be very aware and be able to spot him or her laughing and playing and rushing through the trees.

Adira and her family come from the land of Frozen and are exceptional friends with the people and trolls that live there. She knows Elsa and Anna!

Adira can be very goofy sometimes and very funny and she makes the Gnomes around her laugh and be happy. She brings happiness to others without even trying. She is sweet and her heart is pure and loving and that makes her very wonderful in her community. She is always optimistic and loyal, and she does everything she can to help her family, friends and the innocent creatures that live in the woods of her homeland. She knows that there can be scary creatures in the world, but she continues to be courageous and brave always.

She loves Chocolate and spaghetti but not together! She is great at Chess because she loves to use her brain but her most favorite thing to do is to take an adventure.

Adira loves to play hide-and-seek and so she has hidden, somewhere on herself, a heart, a flower, and a picture of her favorite frozen citizen. If you find them send us email and tell us that she arrived home safely and that you located all her treasurers! Emails should be sent to Gnomes.

We hope Adira helps make you laugh even when you feel sad, brings you joy and happiness and good luck always!

Love and all the very best bright and shiny wishes from our Gnome Family!

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