Day 39 overall, Day 32 afloat, Hoonah, Barlett Cove (orientation) and then on to Shag Cove

Blog Reader, Blog Reader, Blog Reader, this is Tammy, aboard Vessel Domino and at the Blog. We are heading out this morning for Glacier Bay National Park. We are so excited about our 7 day stay in the park. Andrew worked very hard to get our application in as early as possible so that we could obtain a permit to be one of the very fortunate 27 vessels that are permitted in the park at any one time.

Glacier Bay National Park includes 5000 Sq miles of area around the bay. I was surprised to find out that the park was not designated until 1980 and finally declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. GBNP is best known for tidewater, hanging glaciers and very deep fjords which is home to more hundreds of species, some of which are shown in the pictures that I am posting.

11:00 – We attended orientation training in the visitors center and I bought a really cool book called "The Nature of Alaska" and a folding pocket naturalists guide which will help us quickly identify animals as we see them. I am very excited about finding the Puffins, both Horned and Tufted. I love to bird watch and take photos with the 600 mm lens. I also want to see the Pelagic Cormorant and add a photo of them to my collection.

We met the crew of the Geraldine during orientation. A very nice couple who have also lived in Houston. They have done some really cool boating around the world and I look forward to catching up with them when I get home. They post at We walked up to the exhibit of the whale skeleton and the GBNP lodge.

1:00- We are back on the boat . Filled up the water tank and headed to snug harbor for the night. I am never going to be able to sleep because I am so excited. On the way to Shag we saw humpback whales, bear, eagles and sea otters.

This is vessel Domino signing off for the night and back on channel 16 early in the morning to begin the GBNP grand adventure!

· Left Dock/Weighed anchor: 5:15 off the dock

· Cruise Log: 55 NM

· Weather Conditions: Cloudy and light wind

· Navigational Obstacles: Following all the rules regarding safe distance from whales.

· Wildlife Sighting: Whales, bear, Sea Otters and eales

· Arrived Dock/Dropped anchor: 11:00 arrival at the GBNP idock and information center in Barlett Cove

· Slip for the night: $0

· Lessons learned: Boat goes into Neutral when there are whales near. the park requires we not get within 100 yards of the whales. There are also certain areas of the Glacier bay that are restricted because the areas are protecting wildlife and habitats..

· Fun Meals underway: Monkey Bread! Yummy

· Time today Helm for TEA: 2

· Time today Helm for ACA: 3

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