Little Dotty

Little Dotty is from our town Wilmington, Vermont and inspired by my favorite diner Dot’s of Vermont. The food and warmth at this little diner keeps you coming back time after time. It is a scrappy little place that has survived lots of hard times.

Dot loves her namesake where she orders Pancakes, the Dots crazy hot chili, Rubens but not at the same time. She goes there to see all the friendly faces that work at Dot’s because they make her feel special and serve her excellent food.

She has been seen ice skating on Lake Raponda and cross country skiing on the Vast and just loves the winter weather. In fact she loves all the seasons in Vermont and is always ready to help her neighbors.

She also loves Vermont because it is full of woodland creatures and they make her smile. She loves that she can see the stars at night, because there just aren’t any big city lights there. She likes the peace and quiet on Lake Raponda but she also loves to go to the public beach. It makes her smile when she sees all the little kids playing in the water all summer.

She is just a good old gal Gnome and we love her!

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