Willow Windham

This is Willow Windham and her super power can be seen through her tireless work in her community. She helps the elderly which is so important given that our elders help make us who we are. The elderly should be respected and taken care of and she sees to that! She also helps those who are struggling and have no where else to go! Helping people find a safe place to live is high on her agenda.

She has lots of connections and all the other Gnomes seem to know her. The most important thing about her is that she uses her super powers for good. Gnomes are all about family and neighbors because without each other we are alone and she knows that as well.

She also loves french fries ? but who doesn’t! The only thing she doesn’t share is her fries. She’ll buy you your own but these fries are hers.

We wish you well Willow. We hope you bring the best of luck to your new home

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